Kevin Randleman Faces off With a Kangaroo!

Kevin Randleman Faces off With a Kangaroo!

Kevin Randleman Faces off With a Kangaroo

Kevin Randleman Faces off With a Kangaroo! On Sunday we rounded up a group from the MMA Community and headed out to a private zoo called Roos N More which is located just North of Las Vegas. Our group included Amanda Lucas & her Husband Jason who own Syndicate MMA, Chase Kobrin & his wife Amber from Tough Prints, a number of gym members/fighters, as well as Kevin Randleman, his wife Liz and friends! We happened to catch Kevin facing off with a stuffed Kangaroo so we snapped the shot!

Visiting Roos N More is an absolute treat and was a ton of fun for all of us. We started off the tour in the otter enclosure; not before having a safety debriefing with our guide, Dave about the mischievousness of the little fresh water creatures. Within moments of entering, the otters were climbing all over us, attempting to untie shoelaces as well as steal items from us. In between they would dive into their pool to cool off then back out again to see what other trouble they could get into. We were having so much fun that we were reluctant to leave!

The tour continued on where we met a fox and learned what he had to say, and then to larger animal corral where many of the group took turns kissing a camel! This was our opportunity to feed animals treats and included a zebra, a donkey, 2 camels, an emu and some llamas. It didn’t end there.. We were onto the Kangaroo enclosure where we met and fed all sorts of kangaroos including an albino one.

The heat was beginning to really set in so we took the tour back inside where we previously debriefed and it was time for us to hold the animals. Dave started off by bringing in a Toucan and everyone interested in holding him stepped up. This was followed by a red ruffed lemur, a serval cat, and then two baby monkeys! Everyone in the group had the opportunity to hold the animals and take photos with them if they wanted.

The two hour tour went by so quickly and soon it was time to leave. The zoo is currently raising funds to try and stay open as the county is trying to shut them down and requiring all sorts of renovations and additions to the property to stay open. Our group, organized by Tracy Lee of Combatlifestyle, donated money for the opportunity to go out there on Sunday. We will continue to take groups out for the incredible experience as long as there is interest.

Please enjoy the photos below!!

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