Phil Davis is a Simple Man

Phil Davis is a Simple Man

Phil Davis is a Simple Man

Words by Helen Mei. Photos by Tracy Lee.

Phil Davis is a Simple Man and the UFC Fighter is more than meets the eye. Better yet, his wacky persona as portrayed in his infamous parody commercial, “Mr. Wonderful” Body Wash, at the 2014 Fighters Only Awards, is revealed in an exclusive brief interview with CombatLifestyle. Beyond his athletic stature of 6′ 2″, weighing 205 lbs, he boasts an impressive record of 12 wins and only 1 loss. The light heavyweight fighter is set to battle Anthony Johnson April 26 in Baltimore, Maryland. Combat Lifestyle recently caught up with the fighter to see what was under his tough exterior and quirky demeanor.

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Phil Davis has quite the personality. His good sense of humor has him cracking jokes always and his laughter is contagious. The talented fighter explained to the best of his ability while maintaining his goofy personality, who he is as a person outside the octagon. “He’s a wild character. I am a philanthropist,” he then paused. “I don’t know who I am; That’s actually a good question. I ask myself that all the time.” While many fighters are perceived to be ‘tough guys’, Phil broke it down to Combat Lifestyle about his tough shell. “A lot of guys play hard all the time but in real life they’re not. I’m more of the opposite, like I play like I’m super nice but in real life I’m the meanest person in the whole world.” He follows this comment with a giggle.

Phil Davis may be a jokester outside the octagon, but the light heavyweight fighter is all business inside of it. Though he has only been fighting since 2008, his natural gifted ability, along with his passion for the sport has taken him to great heights in a relatively short amount of time. What triggered him to begin the sport? “I had no idea; it was just something to do. It was a good decision.”

He isn’t afraid to express the simple fact that he loves the sport. For example, he was asked what inspired him to do the infamous “Mr. Wonderful” Body Wash commercial at the Fighters Only Awards in February. His explanation was straightforward. “Someone asked, and I like being involved in MMA and being involved in any way I can.” While many fighters devote their life to training in the sport, it wasn’t hard to get the funny man to open up about a few of his hobbies. “I have an interest in sleeping. I enjoy the occasional adult beverage. The cold kind. Sometimes I put a lemon or a lime on the side just to seem fancy. That’s pretty much it. I’m a simple man. I enjoy simple things. Simple things make me happy.” He then elaborated on it, with a serious tone in his voice. “I just bought this Italian herb flatbread crisp. I’m hungry, so it’ll make my whole day, actually, my whole week.” While on the subject of explaining his love for simplicity in life, he touched on the his taste in music, which is quite versatile. “I like all types of music. Hip hop, R&B, some rap, some gospel, some Christian rap and dub step.” However, his favorite artist is more than just a talented singer. “My favorite artist ever is Mariah Carey, and it’s technically, not because of her singing.” We know he’d be elbowing us in the ribs after that comment if we were standing next to him. His favorite type of food? “I don’t really have a favorite type of food. I’m not picky at all.”

Throughout his interview, Phil was very lighthearted. However, the only time he was more guarded was when he was asked about his personal life; One aspect of his life he that he doesn’t flaunt. When asked about his son, he politely responded, “I don’t talk about that too much.” The interview quickly transitioned back into business. He was asked which accomplishment he is most proud of. “I’m most proud of my younger sister. She’s done so much. She’s gone from ashy to classy. I couldn’t be more thrilled with her.” He repeatedly said “Oh Yeah!” when asked if they’re very close and live in the same city. We was then asked if he had pets. “Nope, no pets.”

The scariest thing he’s ever done, he compared to racing. “I live my life like a race car. I do scary things every chance I get. I like to live fast.” Do you like to race cars? “Last time I was in Vegas, I went to Nascar and while I was there, Tracy Lee had me racing cars. It turned out to be quite rewarding. We went to Richard Petty Driving Experience.”

We asked Davis who has influenced his life the most. He then explained, “I can’t name one person because I surround myself with good people and I can’t give one person more credit than anybody else. I just have a ton of people that have helped me along the way.” He has a philosophy in life in which he lives by. “I don’t have a motto or anything. I live my life for God.”

The light heavyweight fighter currently trains out of San Diego, California. A typical day in Phil’s life begins with waking up at 7am, then going to the gym. He trains at 9. He then has a break, which he likes to get a snack, then starts team training from 10:30-12:30pm or 1. After lunch, he goes back at 3pm for conditioning immediately followed by drills. His gym houses some of the top fighters in the world including Brandon Vera, Dominic Cruz, Michael Chandler, Jeremy Stephens and many more, whom he trains with almost every day. His coaches include Eric Del Fierro, Adrian Melendez, Neil Melanson, Chad Macias and more.. “That’s pretty much it.” He summed up to Combat Lifestyle.

Often regarded as one of the best light heavyweight fighters in the world, Davis has a big challenge ahead of him regarding the controversy on getting a title shot. With outstanding wins over top contenders Alexander Gustafsson, Antonio Nogueira, and most recently over Lyoto Machida on August 3, 2013, Phil Davis should be on the right track to obtaining the belt. The only thing in his way at this point? Anthony Johnson.
He concluded the interview by giving a shout out to his sponsor: “Affliction, they’re awesome.”

Tracy Lee headed down to San Diego and caught these photos of Phil training with all the guys at Alliance MMA.

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