The Hairrow heads to Vegas for UFC 167

The Hairrow heads to Vegas for UFC 167

The Hairrow heads to Vegas for UFC 167

The Hairrow heads to Vegas for UFC 167… Standing at 6′ tall, many may recognize this welterweight fighter by the “hairrow” he shaves in his chest, who holds a record of 4-1 in the organization. At UFC 167 in MGM Grand, Ebersole will be fighting against Rick Story which will be his first fight back to the Octagon in over a year, since UFC 149 on July 21, 2012.

CombatLifestyle got to chat briefly with Brian just days before his much anticipated return to the Octagon.

“I work in Thailand at a Muay Thai gym, Tiger Muay Thai.” Ebersole stated when asked about where he currently lives and the gym he owns. “I live there most of the year and I also travel the world a lot throughout the rest of the year.”
As previously stated, Ebersole may be known for the arrow shaved in his chest, but when asked if he has any special talents, he laughed, “Well, I’m a good writer.” He then elaborated on what he would do if he wasn’t a fighter. “I was actually going to be a teacher. My best subjects in school were biology and history.”

Ebersole flew into Las Vegas weeks early to prepare more for the fight and get additional workouts in. “I train at Drysdale BJJ located on 200 S Rainbow Blvd and love it there.” Though Las Vegas is known to be one of the fight capitals of the world, Eberson was asked if he would ever move back to the states. “Not now, there’s just too much drama going on over there and I’m happy where I’m at now.”
In preparation to his fight, he responded confidently to if he felt he was more prepared than ever for this fight against Rick Story than other opponents.

“Yes, I feel more prepared for this fight. I’ve been training for it for a while after being out for a long time but also I’m only 32 and feel I’m in my prime.” He stated he doesn’t feel any more prepared training out of the country rather than in. “I train with a great team around me which is very important and I feel that’s what matters most.”

Combatlifestyle Photographer, Tracy Lee headed over to Robert Drysdale’s to capture these photos of Brian training with Ryan Diaz and Ryan Pyne a few weeks out from his fight. As you can see from the photos, Brian is not shy of the camera and likes to have a lot of fun. We didn’t see any examples of the cartwheel kick so we’re hoping we get out fix on Saturday night! Enjoy!!

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