What is this EllisMania Craziness You Ask?

What is this EllisMania Craziness You Ask?

What is this EllisMania Craziness You Ask?

What is this EllisMania Craziness You Ask? Over the last couple days, people who follow me on social media have seen a series of fight photos that didn’t seem to make sense.. Many I told to “Google it” and figure it out on their own, but for those of you who were too lazy to do so, or were in disbelief of what you learned, here are the photos to verify the truth!


This past weekend, Jason Ellis and his band of merry men, descending on the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas for the Ninth Annual edition of Ellismania. This event is a series of exhibition fights as dysfuntional as my family’s christmas dinner… And then multiply that by 100! Thousands of the Jason Ellis radio show travel from far and wide to be a part or witness the event.


The festivities began on Friday with Jason Ellis, TJ Lavin, Kit Cope, The Dingo, Raw Dog, Mike Tully, Pierre Luc Gagnon, Corbin Harris, Kenda Perez (and more extreme sports athletes that I’m sure I’m forgetting) descending on the Hard Rock pool to broadcast their radio show live. If you want to know more of what went down friday, check out the article about it here: http://combatlifestyle.com/2013/10/the-jason-ellis-show-at-the-hard-rock-pool/


Fast forward to Saturday evening. I arrived at the Hard Rock fully aware of the night I was in for as this was my second time shooting Ellismania. I was prepared as I would be for a UFC Fight, and headed upstairs to where all the fighters and celebrities were getting ready. It was about 730 at this point and I was waiting for Tera Patrick to arrive so I could at least say hello before having to run downstairs to shoot. I ended up in the Green Room with Ellis and crew and watched as he devoured a medium rare steak with his bare hands. I barely had 2 seconds to say hi to Tera before the show was starting and I needed to get my ass ring side.


Now before I go over the fights that were going down that night, I have to tell you a few things. MMA Elvis was in the ring the entire night to spice up the fights if they got a little dull. The ring girls consisted of one Porn Star (one of Tiger Woods former mistresses, Joslyn James) and two somewhat convincing Transvestites; all with butt injections if you want my professional opinion. All the fights were set up to be real fights using head gear, none of the fake wrestling shit. And last, a lot of the fighters involved in the first 5 fights are fans of the radio show, although I’m not quite sure how they are chosen. I warned you it was dysfunctional! Now that you have that information, we can continue…

Each album has the description of the fight on it.. :)

10/12/13 Ellismania: Musical Chairs Fight

The first fight of the night was the Musical Chair Fight. They started with about 7 guys, and 5 chairs. When the music stopped, the two left standing had to fight each other for a chance to stay in. Well as you can imagine, the competition for those chairs was pretty tough and the costumes oh so manly. In the end, it was the guy dressed as Minnie Mouse in a pink tutu who won the fight!

76 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Jailbreak Fight

The second fight was the Jailbreak Fight where two guys dressed in prison outfits had to fight with their hands taped together. While the fight was good- it really didn't stand out too much in my head.

35 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Pinata Leprechaun Fight

I was looking forward to the third fight because Kit had explained it to me the day before. This ended up being my favorite fight of the night, and I think it was for many others as well. This was the Pinata Leprechaun fight where four guys are in the ring trying to break the pinata for the prizes inside, and Kit Cope and Mike Jasper were in the ring to defend it from the Leprechaun costumed fans. 1st problem- when the fans came out, they were sans leprechaun costumes. 2nd problem, there was no Pinata. A slew of Dana Whitesque profanities escaped Ellis' mouth as he quickly improvised. He stuck his tattoo artist, Grant Cobb in the middle of the ring with Kit and Mike to protect him against the four guys. The rules? Whomever hits him squarely in the gut wins. No shots to the head as he wasn't wearing head gear or a mouth guard. It was spur of the moment thinking and no one really knew what was going to happen. No time on the clock, the bell rang and the melee began. I was having a difficult time trying to shoot because it was so chaotic and you almost couldn't tell what was going on. And then it happened. Mike got KO'd by someone in the ring and I watch in what seemed like slow mo as he fell straight back and hit the floor. I stopped shooting immediately because I was pretty sure I knew who did it, but I didn't want to believe it. I was right, but it seemed that no one else knew so I ran over to all of the hosts (Jason Ellis, The Dingo, TJ Lavin, Corbin Harris) to show them the photo. It seems that in all the mayhem, Kit Cope managed to KO his own team mate in the heat of the battle with 16oz gloves on! The hilarity ensued after the fight was finally over as they went back and forth on the mic about it. And Mike looked like he still had no idea what was going on and Kit looked like he felt pretty bad about the incident. I personally was lauging so hard I was crying throughout.

46 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Menage a Trois - 3 Girls

The menage a trois was up next with three ladies in the ring against each other throwing blows. Two catches to this fight.. One, one of each of their hands was taped to their chests, and two, they were to spin with their heads on bats for 30 seconds at the beginning of each round. Guess what? No bats- so improvising again, Jason had them spin with their hand on their own foot. The girls fell over as they came out of their spins but gaining their bearings and went on the prowl!

35 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: 4 Man Dog Shock Collar Fight

The 5th fight of the night was previously my favorite, but in my book had already been trumped by Kit Cope. This was the blindfolded dog shock collar battle with four opponents in the ring. Each one is, you guessed it, blindfolded and then necklaced with dog shock collars- each collar's remote manned by a host or a fan in the crowd. Three rounds of fighting as the guys staggered around trying to find each other and if you saw one drop, it more than likely wasn't from a punch, it was from a shock. Apparently Jason had his remote turned up to 10 and was chanting "Electricity!" and dropping the biggest guy in the fight. One of the fighters was honest enough to let them know that he could see because his bandana has slipped. I swore the big guy was about to start puking from the shocks near the end of the fight. Hilarious. You couldn't help but laugh- they signed up to do this!

51 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Tera Patrick vs Sam Rubin

The 6th fight was a grudge match between Tera Patrick of adult film star fame, and entertainment reporter for KTLA, Sam Rubin. They didn't like each other and had agreed to fight. Tera entered the ring and began dancing around as she waited for the fight to start. The bell rang and it quickly became apparent that these two weren't really going to fight, much to the disappointment of the crowd. Any blows thrown were light and to the body. As the crowd became restless, the ring girls took matters into their own hands and charged the ring and Sam Rubin within it. He found himself smothered by boobs, and asses and who knows what else! I spotted Joslyn James riding his face somewhere at the end..

35 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Pierre Luc Gagnon vs Elliott Sloan

The seventh fight consisted of a match between two professional skateboarders, Pierre Luc Gagnon and Elliott Sloan. Both of these athletes had made an attempt to do their homework and an all out three round battle had the crowd cheering and screaming. PLG had brough in Rob Garcia- a renowned boxing coach; In the end it was PLC's training and conditioning that won the fight, although not before he took a few MEAN shots from Elliott.

49 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Nick Swardsdon vs RawDog

The eighth fight was between Raw Dog of the Jason Ellis show, and Nick Swardson, well known actor from many comedy movies. Rawdog came out in a gold lame' jumper and Nick came out with the words "Fart Life" emblazoned across his pasty white skin. He looked good though, like he had lost a bunch of weight! For three rounds, as was to be expected, Nick pounded the crap out of Raw Dog dropping him with some very precise kidney shots. Although the ref called the fight during the second round- someone decided that the fight would continue into the third where it was finally stopped for another kidney shot.

46 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Jason Ellis vs Gabe Ruediger

The final fight of the night was a rematch between Gabe Ruediger and Mr Ellis himself. They had fought at a previous Ellismania where Jason had knocked Gabe out. Gabe complained of it being fixed and that's how the rematch came about. Apparently last time, Gabe was completely out of shape and this time he came a lot more prepared. Jason trained for this fight also with PLG's coach, Rob Garcia. The fight got underway and it wasn't an easy match up for either side. They went 3 grueling rounds but in the end it was Ellis with his hand raised.

78 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: Cock off Your Chest

Before the Main event there was some time to kill so Kit & Dingo did a "Cock off your Chest" session for prizes.. The stories were all pretty bad except for the one who won. "and her name was Chocalata!"

14 Photos

10/12/13 Ellismania: The Show

This album is a bunch of photos I took before, during and after the event.. The group shot is in the green room upstairs,,

40 Photos

Wow! I still can’t believe how the night went down, and I even more can’t believe that I wrote this much about it.. I hope that you enjoy all of the photos from the event as I enjoyed taking them. I won’t lie, I HATED editing all of them though! I’m definitely looking forward to Ellismania 10 next year! From the looks of it, they may take the show on the road!

An adventurer by profession, photographer by passion and an ICANologist through motivation. I CAN do anything I put my mind to!!

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