Boston Culture Shock UFC Style

Boston Culture Shock UFC Style

Boston Culture Shock UFC Style

Boston Culture Shock UFC Style hit us as we spent a lazy Sunday in the lovely city. At first our plan was to get together, wander the city and then head to the Red Sox/Yankees Game. Well, it took some of our crew a little bit to get going so we grabbed lobsters for lunch at Tia’s before heading to Quincy Market to walk off the food. We settled in at Cheers at and watched as each of the laggers rolled in. Ramsey and his family, then Steve Siler and his wife, then Tom Egan; Steve and Mary were celebrating their one year anniversary! When Conor and Dee finally arrived, they helped changed our minds about heading to the game because they wanted to hit the North End. Little did I know what I was in store for as we walked over in the pleasant early evening weather.

As we entered the area, I was blown away by how many people were out an about. Then we came across a marching band and float in the streets. As we turned a corner on to a side street after passing Mike’s Pastries (with a HUGE line out the door) we found ourselves in the middle of a hectic night market. So we did the first thing that you do in those situations, started eating street food!!! And as we wandered through eating rice balls, calamari, and home made raviolis, we were transported to what seemed like another country. A weird humming took over the streets and a performance started. They had two little girls on opposing balcony’s speaking in italian to each other as they paid homage to one of the Saints. Apparently this goes on every single week with a different group and a different Saint. They lifted a little girl on a rope as though she were the saint flying over the throngs of people staring wide eyed at her. It was a cool experience to be watching- wonder how cool it was to be that little girl flying??

Our energy was dwindling so we decided to have coffee and dessert at Cafe Vittoria. Cheesecake, Spumoni, tiramisu, cappuccino, cannoli’s; my diet had long since been thrown out the window since arriving in Boston. In my defense I did do a ton of walking around that beautiful city. Thank you Boston, we had a great time!

An adventurer by profession, photographer by passion and an ICANologist through motivation. I CAN do anything I put my mind to!!

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