UFC Fighters Test Xbox Project Spark during Comic Con

UFC Fighters Test Xbox Project Spark during Comic Con

Photo/Video coverage: UFC Fighters Test Xbox Project Spark during Comic Con

Comic Con 2013 descends on San Diego so we head to the Xbox Party at Hard Rock Hotel where UFC Fighters Test Xbox Project Spark during Comic Con. We took Phil Davis, Brandon Vera, Kerry Vera, and Jared Platt to the event and it was like putting kids into a candy store. The three guys ran from station to station thinking they had anonymity but not realizing that even in the video game world, they have familiar faces and that the employees were thrilled to show them the newest, latest, and greatest from Microsoft Xbox.

Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One later this year; a title that caught our eye with no announced release date at this time, was Project Spark. After running from Fable III, Forza Motorsports 5, to Halo 4, the guys ended up at Project Spark and never left. Listed on Xbox’s website about the game: Project Spark: Experience an open-world digital canvas that enables anyone to build, play, and share whatever they can imagine; Phil Davis took the controller into his hands and began building a video game using the Project Spark interface. He was also handed a windows 8 tablet which syncs up to the XBox One through the cloud and continued building from there as well. When asked what he was building he replied, “I’m building Rio with a Machida who can’t fight back or run.”

Described by IGN, one of the top video game, movie and entertainment sites on the web as, “Little Hype, Lot’s to like”; they say that Project Spark is “quietly one of the more impressive games we’ve seen this year.” You should definitely read their article as it goes into a more technical description of the game and it’s game play: http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/07/19/project-spark-little-hype-lots-to-like

Brandon Vera called it a game changer, and Phil Davis likened it to Inception where he became the architect and began creating layers of worlds. Tracy Lee got a video interview with them while they played so watch the video to see their reactions to the newest game and gaming technology out of XBox! Phil also talks about his upcoming UFC 163 fight against Lyoto Machida in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Don’t forget to check out the pictures, and let us know in the comments below, will you be checking out Xbox One and Project Spark? You can sign up to beta test here: https://joinprojectspark.com


Here’s some other pics from downtown San Diego in the Gaslamp right before we headed to the party; we stopped at Taka Sushi to grab a bite and watch all of the madness!

Project spark demo from IGN:


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