UFC 162 Fight Week Unofficial Preparty Kickoff

UFC 162 Fight Week Unofficial Preparty Kickoff

Pictures from the Impromptu UFC 162 Fight Week Unofficial Preparty Kickoff

With no prior plan in mind, we met up with Nick Diaz at Caesar’s Palace around 11pm and the text messages started coming.

“Where are you heading tonight?” and “What’s going on?”

So with a small amount of deliberation, we all decided to meet at 1oak inside the Mirage Hotel and Casino. Eight of us met at the door to the club and were promptly escorted in by the ever famous door man, Michael Diamond who has ran the doors of major clubs in New York and Vegas alike for many years.. No table destination in mind, we milled around the bar until we got word that Frank Trigg and his girl were in the house. We were invited to join their table and that was when the party really got going!

The club was packed wall to wall and was boasting a flip cup contest in the opposite side of the club VIP. We were in our own little world though and were fully surprised when we saw Josh Thomsen and Luke Rockhold roll by. They took off to a table on the flip cup side of the room- and I headed over there for a bit to check out that scene as well..

The table on that side was nuts as I spotted our jewish friend Danny Rube commanding the scene over his domain.. It was an awesome time that was totally unexpected; I love when you don’t plan something out but a whole crew shows up anyways!! If this is an indication of how UFC 162 Fight Week is gonna go, it’s gonna be an awesome time!




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