MMA Fighters Bring Their Competitive Nature Golfing

MMA Fighters Bring Their Competitive Nature Golfing

MMA Fighters Bring Their Competitive Nature Golfing

Luke Rockhold & Josh Thomson are long time athletes who are at the top of their game and recent transplants in the UFC.. These two MMA Fighters Bring Their Competitive Nature Golfing this past weekend when we headed out to Sioux Falls for a charity event. American Ethanol, a major sponsor is located in South Dakota and offered to take any of the fighters golfing that day. Josh and Luke both stepped up to the challenge and we were off to the course at 10am. We met up with all of the American Ethanol guys and after a little deliberation, split into two groups, taking consecutive tee times at Prairie Green. Little did I know (i’m just the photographer, right?) but there were high stakes set for these 18 holes. And spoils didn’t go to the winner- it was embarrassment of sorts to the loser. What was the wager? The losers were forced to shotgun Smirnoff Ice that night at the charity event and from the looks of it, seemed that it was a fate worse than death!

The teams separated after the first hole and I grabbed my own golf cart so that I could move back and forth between the two. Although by the third hole, Josh had done something to his cart and commandeered mine for the rest of the front nine. I’m not much of a golf photographer so I spent as much time as I could taking photos and trying to get good timing on my shots. By the end of the front 9, they were one under par and we met the other group at the club house to grab food and another cart.

The beginning of the back nine was started off with a golf club battle between Luke and Josh (think light saber’s and “luke I am your father”) before getting serious again. The second group seemed to be going a lot slower than the first and it wasn’t long until there were about 2 holes in between them. I heard the words “birdie” and “eagle” being used but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to their game to see if that were actually the case. I did see Greg from American Ethanol on Josh Thomson’s team sink an insane putt- no one else would have believed it if I weren’t there to verify.

At the end of the 18 holes, Team 1 was 7 under par and Team 2, Luke’s team seemed bitter. You would be too if you had to shotgun Smirnoff ICE in front of your peers.

Here’s all the pics from the day. Yup, Josh and Luke wore sandals, flip flops, or slippuhs, whatever you want to call them. They even went barefoot at times. What are the craziest wagers you have made over a round of golf? Please share in the comments below!

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