Day 1 in Singapore for ONE FC

Day 1 in Singapore for ONE FC

Day 1 in Singapore for ONE FC

Day 1 in Singapore for ONE FC: It was hot. Real hot. Not the Vegas kind of hot. The kind of hot that you can put a knife to and slice a piece out of as if it were your favorite cheesecake. But that\’s to be expected in April, in Singapore. I had come out to cover the One FC event this coming weekend and was graciously a guest of theirs. I gathered my things from baggage claim, got online on my tablet to touch bases with Heath Sims. He\’s a long time friend who has moved out to Singapore to be a part of the Evolve Fight Team. I came in a day earlier than my hotel reservation so was crashing at his place for Monday night. He had a crazy schedule of classes and privates and things to do between both Evolve locations so I headed over to his place to settle myself (translation cool off, change clothes) and then head to the gym to meet him for lunch. I was still getting over the cold I had come down with in thailand (yes cold) so wasn\’t feeling 100 % yet.

Heath\’s place is on the 12th floor of a condo apartment building with an excellent view of the city. I took a few moments to gaze out over the sweltering city before plopping myself down on the couch for a breather. I changed out a couple hundred Thai Baht which surprisingly gave me $8.50 SGD, and then had lugged all of my bags through the city\’s subway system and then a few blocks from the station to his place. Fortunately, my memory served me well and I didn\’t get lost. I set up the alien and plugged in all my chargers for everything I needed before cleaning up and changing into board shorts and a tank top. Before long I headed back to the station a few blocks away.

Outside the station was an cart with a weathered asian man selling ice cream sandwiches. I pulled out 1.20sgd and asked for the sweet corn flavor on rainbow colored bread. Oh, you didn\’t know? Really a sandwich. Ice cream on bread. I happily grabbed my NON PALEO treat and headed into the station to buy a ticket. Ticket in hand, ice cream in the other, through the turnstile I go only to have a security guard chasing after me and the loud speaker in the station belting out \”no food or drink allowed in the train station!\” ooops!!! I walked outside, fortunate to not been given a $500 fine as the plaque on the wall stated; scarfed down my ice cream and then continued on my way.

I got off at the Raffles station which is located in the heart of downtown but had no idea which exit to take. So I picked one, the wrong one of course, and stood there like the confused tourist that I was. Since I had no access to internet, I just picked a direction and started walking. Surroundings became familiar and I spotted the shiny, glass building a few blocks away that housed Evolve MMA. Heath was waiting in the front lobby for me so we took off right up the street for lunch.

We went to a favorite spot of theirs called the rotisserie. It\’s only 2 blocks from the gym so I have a feeling they\’re on a first name basis there. We had a healthy lunch of chicken and salad and then walked back to Heath\’s place which was about a 20-30 minute walk from the gym. We meandered through singapore as I took photos casually. He had to be at the other location teaching class soon after and I was tired so I got some work done, and then dozed off. Heath was back around 8, and then we were off to Evolve by 9pm to meet up with the five fighters on their team fighting on this weekend\’s ONE FC card.

Not much had changed since I had last been here a year ago. It was still the glass building with the floor to ceiling glass windows that enticed all passerby to come in and join. Melvin Manhoef was in the cage getting a pad session in while both mat areas were full with classes going on. The small group shared the mat space in the back room of the gym with a gi jiu jitsu class going on. The workout wasn\’t strenuous- just meant to get them drilling around the time that they would be fighting on friday night. It was an extremely short practice with Shinya Aoki, Jake Butler, Eddie Ng, Leandro Issa, and Alex Silva- I shot photos and a tiny bit of video all the while making sure to keep up on my social media as well.

After practice we met up with a friend of Heaths and all went to grab dinner at the Wine Connection before grabbing a cab back to his place and calling it a night.

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