Gym Spotlight: Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas

Theres a new kid in town and that kid is Syndicate Mixed Martial Arts. Known formerly to some as the Throwdown, Xyience or Warrior Wear Gyms, Syndicate has a new name, totally brand new location, and is a spot where many of the top fighters to come through Las Vegas make an appearance.

I headed down there a couple weeks ago to check out the spot and were blown away by the sheer size of the location; a mere 18,000 square feet. I was quickly informed that the name is now Syndicate, and that the name Throwndown had been retired. A clothing line had also been created bearing the gym’s name which was sold in the store located at the front of the location.

It was a Tuesday morning and I had arrived for Pro Practice at 11:30 am. A bunch of familiar faces I had seen around Vegas for years were there stretching out on the mats and then running laps to warm up. Ray Sefo was there watching as a number of guys he works with were there to train that day.

After warming up, each of the fighters grabbed a partner and directed by gym owner, John Wood and coach John Gunderson proceeded to work on various drills as instructed. I ducked into the cage where I caught Jay Hieron training for his upcoming fight against Tyron Woodley on UFC 156.

I continued to move and shoot about the gym that was filled with both UFC fighters and local up and coming fighters as well until the end of training where I got everyone together for a group photo.

You have to check out the photos of this brand new location in our photo galleries by clicking the link or photo below!!

and make sure to check out their Facebook Page here:

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