One FC Live Blog: Yuya Shirai vs Fabricio Monteiro

Yuya “Pitbull” Shirai (22-10) fights Fabricio Monteiro (17-9)More…

Round 1: Fabricio takes center of the ring with Yuya moving laterally. Neither fighter throwing much. Yuya throwing 1-2 combos backing down Fabricio, but not significantly landing. First minute passes with no significant strikes landing. Fabricio clinches but gets headlock tossed by Yuya. Both men stand back up quickly. Monteiro closes with a cross and clinches against the cage, driving Shirai against the cage. Minimal action against the cage as both men jockey for position. The ref calls for action and Yuya breaks off.

Yuya still throwing his lead cross, backing off Fabricio. Monteiro throws a good flurry against the cage, but Shirai quickly backs off and takes center. Monteiro presses against the cage with thirty seconds left, controlling position. Shirai turns his opponent, and ends the round pressing Monteiro into the cage.

Round 2: Both fighters meet in the middle and throw flurries. Monteiro takes the upper hand, pushing his opponent into the cage. Fabricio content to just hold Shirai against the cage, not landing any strikes. The ref continues to call for action, and Monteiro breaks to throw a big elbow. He immediately reclinches and holds position once again. The ref breaks the fighters, and they meet in the middle once again. Fabricio throws a teep, driving Yuya backwards and clinches once again. Monteiro landing the better of the punching exchanges, finishing every exchange with a clinch against the cage. Yuya attempts another headlock throw, but Monteiro pops out the backdoor and lands a few strong punches. Shirai now backing away from the majority of the exchanges, getting stuffed against the cage, with Monteiro controlling position. Fabricio breaks, landing another big elbow on the break. With :30 seconds left Yuya is working his jab, but Montieor backs him down with a big right uppercut. Close round controlled by Monteiro.

Round 3: At the start of the third, Monteiro takes center, controlling with punches and kicks. Yuya working his jab as Monteiro comes forward, attempt to catch a kick, but failed to upset Fabricio’s balance. Both men clinch in the middle and Monteiro once again controlls against the cage. He finally manages to secure his opponents hips and get a big double leg slam, landing in his opponent’s guard. Yuya stands up, facing away from his opponent. Monteiro secures the bodylock from the standing position. Monteiro attempts and fails at a suplex. Yuya breaks the grip and they go back to the middle.

Both men trading jabs and circling, with Fabricio landing the better of the two. Yuya apparently gets poked in the eye, and the ref immediately breaks the fighters. The fight resumes and Monteiro drives forward with punches, secures clinch, and hols against the cage. Same old, same old. If you’ve seen 1 minute of this fight, you’ve seen them all. Fabricio content to control and land short shots. With 30 seconds left, both men moving a lot. Shirai throwing a few single shots but unable to land powerfully. Last 10 seconds, both fighters throw simultaneously spinning back kicks and the fight ends.

Result: Unanimous decision for Fabricio Monteiro

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