One FC Live Blog: Yoshiyuki Nakanishi vs Melvin Manhoef

Deep Light Heavyweight Champion Yoshiyuki Nakanishi (11-2) takes on Dutch power-puncher Melvin Manhoef (24-9-1) More…

Round 1: Manhoef comes out orthodox, Nakanishi southpaw. Melvin throwing huge kicks early, missing. Nakanishi countering with lead hooks. Yoshi shoots, tying up to avoid the kicks. Melvin pushes off and narrowly misses with a high kick. Melvin cuts his shin open with one of his kick attempts. Melvin lands a quick uppercut, and the judge calls time to look over Melvin’s wound. Melvin has cut his shin down to the bone. It’s pretty disgusting looking, but Melvin doesn’t seem to mind much.

The referee stops the fight, ruling the fight a No Contest. The crowd is booing as Melvin eggs on the ref trying to prompt the fight to continue. Very anti-climatic.

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