One FC Live Blog: Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Donald Sanchez

Tatsuya “Crusher” Kawajiri (30-7) fights Donald Sanchez (25-12) More…

Round 1: Sanchez attempts to touch gloves, Kawajiri just circles off and avoids for the first few moments. Sanchez clearly the rangier fighter, Kawajiri moves forward using his punches and secures a bodylock. Sanchez counters with a whizzer, but Kawajiri secures the twist down and lands in full guard. Donald keeping a tight closed guard, attempting to climb his legs up higher. Kawajiri stacking and avoiding any danger. So far Tatsuya is not extremely active inside of the guard, Sanchez landing lots of peppering shots from the bottom. Tatsuya passes into half as Donald opens his legs, and then rips his leg free of half guard, moving to side. Kawajiri keeping good downward pressure but not landing much GnP. Donald explodes and rolls to the top and Kawajiri has a loose triangle secured in the transition. Sanchez on top landing pot shots, but Kawajiri locks the triangle deep. Sanchez still trying to punch out but as Kawajiri angles his hips and locks in his legs, Sanchez drops to his knees and is forced to tap out.

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