One FC Live Blog: Quek Kim Hock vs Major Overall

Quek Kim “The Hulk” Hock (0-0) takes late replacement Major Overall (1-0) More…

Round 1: Major begins throwing heavy hooks and big head kicks right away. Major drives across the mat with a double leg, but stopped by Hock. Major continues to change levels, attempting takedowns. Major drives Hock against the cage with a power double. Overall driving his opponent into the cage. Hock drives his opponent away and moves to the center. Hock lands nice 3-2-3 combo to drop Overall. Overall latches onto a heelhook, with Hock rolling out. Both fighters stand back up quickly. Fast paced action with 3:00 left to go. Hock continues to land 3-2 combo, hurting Overall.

Major turning his back to run and recoup. Major attempts shot, falls to guard, and immediately rolls into a heelhook, reversing his opponent. Hock jumps back to his feet and both fighters standing again, with Major looking visibly tired. Major shoots under 3-2 combo, securing a double leg takedown. Major stands inside of guard and splits his opponents legs, allowing Hock to stand. With 1:00 left, Overall looks extremely tired and wobbly, backpedaling away from Hock. Major lands flying knee, then backs off to regenerate. Major showboating late in the round, blowing his opponent a kiss. Unfortunately he still lost the round.

Round 2: Both men run to the center and high five. Major starts fast with his jab and low kicks. Major shoots under a Kim Hock jab, shucked off by Hock. Major the more active fighter in Round 2. Major throws ugly spinning backfist, missing by a mile. Major drops for double, gets caught in front headlock, and Kim moves to the back quickly securing hooks. Kim rolls to his back, trapping Major on his hip. Hock has very tight back control. Major turns into Hock’s guard, stealing top position and dropping some elbows.

Hock retuns to his feet with Overall showboating with 2:10 left in the round. Hock responds by punching him in his face, stuffing a shot, and jumping on Overall’s back with a quick RNC attempt. In a bizarre twist of irony, Hock lands a perfect RNC on Overall and puts him to sleep, teaching him a valuable lesson in humility.

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