One FC Live Blog: Ole Laursen vs Eduard Folayang

Muay Thai specialist Ole Laursen (5-3) fights wushu practitioner Eduard Folayang (11-1) More…

Round 1: Folayang opens early with a salvo of kicks. Old counters with big punches, stumbling Eduard with a left hook. The men tie up, and Ole floors Eduard with a lateral drop. Goes immediately to side control, secures a double wrist lock,

and wrenches on it. Eduard, eventually rips free with Ole taking his back in the standing position. Ole stays tight, going high and latching on a RNC and jumping for hooks. Without proper

control, Eduard throws him off and quickly jumps on Ole’s back. Ole protecting well but Folayang has solid back control with 2 minutes lef to go in the fight. Ole twists out, comes back to his feet, and secures another waist lock, using it to drop Eduard to the mat. Folayang quickly scrambles back to his feet, and the men disengage for the first time in several minutes.

With 1:15 left, Eduard works his jab and Ole looks winded. Eduard throwing spinning kicks and punches, with Ole driving straight forward with hooks. Eduard slips on a spinning hook kick, Ole rushes in and attempts to grab control. Final ten seconds both men exchange and Folayang finishes with a high round kick, spinning backfist combo, missing with both.

Round 2: Both fighters meet in the middle with Eduard throwing strong 3-2 combos and Ole slipping. Both fighters trading in the pocket, and Eduard decides to grab the waist and shoot. Ole counters with a whizzer and immediately pops back up from his knees. Ole lands powerful low kick, throwing Eduard off balance. Ole drops Eduard with a stiff jab, Eduard is hurt and running away. Ole jumps in with a flying knee and Eduard capitalizes, taking Ole down. Ole goes to his knees and stands, both men return to center.

Ole going downstairs with leg kicks and Eduard working spinning back kicks. Both men trading in the pocket, with Eduard landing better of the two. Ole loses mouthpiece and has some swelling on his face. Ole looking physically tired, but still moving forward throwing heavy punches. Eduard lands three body kicks in a row, Ole going on the defensive. Ole shoots a double, turns the corner, and finishes a takedown moving immediately to side. Eduard stands with an underhook, they clinch against the cage. With one minute left Eduard lands elbows against the cage and breaks. Ole’s face swollen and bleeding, and both men still throwing heavy leather. Thirty seconds left and the men are still trading punches and body kicks in the middle of the ring. Eduard grabs a single leg at the end of the round, but the bell stops the action. Neither man clearly pulling ahead.

Round 3: Both men begin the round by measuring with light kicks and punches. Both men throwing progressively harder and Eduard backing down Lauren with a strong cross. Both fighters planting their feet and exchanging punches and kicks. Eduard looking sharper with Laursen possibly landing the harder shots. Lauresen catches a kick, throwing Eduard off balance, but misses the takedown and Eduard attempts to take the back. After a scramble, they break and come back to center. Eduard lands a powerful cross and both men are looking worse for the wear with three minutes left.

Both men still standing in the pocket throwing heavy punches, Eduard throwing cleaner, sharper punches. Ole answers with heavy round kicks, but getting moved backwards, looking tired with hands down and falling against the cage. Eduard still looking fresh throwing powerful body kicks and heavy hooks. With one minute left Ole gets backed down and shoots, getting stuffed. Eduard throws 6 punch combo, going to the body. Ole literally standing with hands down and moving in stuttered steps. Eduard throwing twice as many strikes, and with 30 seconds left, Eduard is landing more. Ole shoots for a double again, securing takedown with 10 seconds left. Eduard goes to his knees and rises to his feet. Ole scores trip and moves to side with 3 seconds left, ending in a precarious scramble.

Result: Split decision for Ole Laursen

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