One FC Live Blog: Jeet Toshi vs Nicole Chua

7 time Indian kickboxing champ Jeet Toshi (1-0) vs Nicole Chua (0-0), Singapores first professional MMA fighterMore…

Round 1: Both fighters take center, with Toshi coming in strong with wild haymakers. Chua avoids most of the damage and unleashes a strong cross. Chua then drives in for a double, secures the takedown, and quickly moves into top side control. Toshi grabs the head and refuses to let go. Chua quickly moves to mount and begins throwing bombs. Toshi has no answer, turning to her belly, and allows Chua to secure a a RNC. Toshi punching backwards instead of fighting hands as she turns purple. Chua re-tightens her choke and taps out Toshi. The crowd goes ballistic like they just watched Buster Douglas knock out Tyson in 1991.

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