One FC Live Blog: Felipe Enomoto vs Zorobabel Moreira

Felipe Enomoto (6-3-1) takes on Zorobabel Moreira (5-1)More…

Round 1: Zoro utilizing his reach throwing teep kicks, keeping Enomoto away. Enomoto answers with a lead hook, but missing. Zoro still throwing powerful round kicks and side kicks to his opponents legs and body, with Felipe attempting to answer with punches and missing. Enomoto seems unable to deal with Zoro’s reach. Moreira throwing good feints, going high and low with his kicks. Enomoto throwing a lot of punches, missing with most of them. Felipe finally clinches against the cage, landing some good hooks to the body. They break and Zoro goes back on the offensive, landing multiple kicks. Enomoto answers with some inside leg kicks of his own.

At 1:40 Zoro drops Enomoto with a leg kick, and Zoro jumps straight into guard. Enomoto immediately secures a rubber guard, and Zoro rips out. Enomoto attempts a de la riva sweep and makes enough space to stand back up. With :30 seconds left, Zoro still landing a multitude of kicks. With 10 seconds left, Enomoto lands some hooks from the clinching range, and the bell rings.

Round 2: The round starts with Moreira throwing kicks and Enomoto trying to close the gap with hooks. Zoro lands a great teep to the face and Enomoto clinches against the cage. Enomoto throws some good elbows in the clinch and they break, moving to the middle. Zoro still landing powerful leg kicks. Zoro slowing down a bit, getting cornered against the cage and absorbing punches from Enomoto. Enomoto now bleeding and Moreira pours on the attack.

With two minutes left both men trading punches with Enomoto on the short end of the stick. Enomoto visibly hurt from the accumulation of leg kicks. Both men trading punches, with Zoro landing some elbows on the inside, and Zoro still landing heavy leg kicks. With one minute left, Enomoto secures the clinch against the cage. Zorobreaks off and bombs another leg kick. Zoro reaches with a long outside trip, secures the takedown, and lands in top of guard. Zoro lands a downward stomp to his opponent, the ref breaks the action to give a warning, and the bell sounds.

Round 3: The final round starts with both men trading punches in the middle. Enomoto still is unable to find his range, and Zoro tees off with punches and kicks. Zoro lands a huge round kick and drops Enomoto, sliding past his opponent’s guard, into mount, and onto the back in one smooth motion. Zoro looking for armbar, throws the leg over his head, tucks the arm, and finishes with the armbar one minute into the first round.

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